We offer a wide range of services for non-fiction authors

Publishing your book will require different services based on your budget. Clear Vision Publishing offers three levels of service for you that include all or some of the services listed below. Read through the services, then check out the Levels beneath this list. 
  • Book Development includes the review and final development of the book.
  • Publishing  includes the publishing of a 50- to 60-thousand word book in 6” X 9” format, black and white interior, with 3 cover choices, and Royalties. Additional formats are available upon request but may incur additional costs.
  • Digital Course – Full access to the Easy Pub Tools course that covers everything from preparation to publishing to promotion. 
  • Private Coaching – personalized coaching sessions used to develop customized strategies for the publishing & promotion of the book.
  • Brand Style Guide – includes the development of a Brand Style Guide – a logo, brand colors, and fonts – to be used to dictate the direction of the website and social media.  
  • Industry Experts –  Each month, live sessions with industry professionals who will add value to the publishing of your book, including public relations professionals. 
  • Author Focus – Once a month we’ll meet as a group for a 1.5-hour coaching with a spotlight on one specific author. 
  • Community – Exclusive Access to Executive Authors’ Roundtable where you can connect with other authors and learn how they’ve accessed opportunities from publishing a book. 
  • Press Packets – Customized Speaker, Podcast and Book Sheets. 
  • Book Launch Strategy Planning – 3.5-hour private book launch planning session. 
  • Amazon Bestseller Program – Guaranteed #1 Bestseller on Amazon. 
  • Podcasting – Recorded & produced podcast episodes including music, edited recording and placement on major podcast outlets.  
  • Audiobook – Fully recorded audiobook, cover design, placement on all platforms, as well as ability to sell directly from your website.

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Level 2

Level 3

Not ready to commit to a package?

Here are some additional ways we work with non-fiction Authors

Author's Journey Strategy Session

Ask Me Anything Session

This 3-hour session will provide direction & guidance needed based on your specific goals for your book. You’ll exit the strategy session with the following:

  • Timeline – Comprehensive understanding of what happens and when.
  • Goals & Budget – We define your goals that will inform decisions as to the best publishing model and writing timeframe. We then review the budget and devise a revenue strategy.
  • Publishing Model – Detailed discussion on the available publishing models, identifying which one is the best one for you and your book.
  • Additional information that is specific to your project.

This 1-hour session will provide you the opportunity to ask specific & direct questions based on your particular book project. Common questions posed by writers who want to become published authors include: 

– Which publishing model would be best for my book? 

– How much will it cost? 

– Does the publisher market the book? 

– What is the timeline for publishing a book? 


Book Development

Book development focuses on the high-level structural aspect of the book. We work with you on your book topic and hone in on the key structure of the book, for example, the overall organization and the teaching principles you have developed. We help you weave in stories that support the work. We set out a schedule for you to finish the book within a specified period of time. Of course, completing the manuscript depends much upon you and your ability to maintain the deadlines. Clear Vision Publishing is here to support you every step of the way – not pushing you, but gently pulling you through the process.  Ask your self these questions:

Ready to write a book?

Not sure if your idea is solid?

Know yourself well enough to know you could benefit from accountability? 


If you answered yes to just one of these questions, you could benefit from Book Development.

We start with a Meet & Greet to determine if we’re a good fit for one another and if the book topic is ready for development. If yes, then we proceed with a Clear Vision Publishing providing you with a rough timeline (that will shift based on the pace of the work), fees, and schedule for future meetings. 

The results of the Book Development work together is a fully developed book summary, outline, and manuscript. The time to complete will depend much upon the amount of time you can dedicate to the writing of the book each week. You write the book, we oversee the development, including chapter-by-chapter editing along the development of the manuscript. The book development does not, however, include line editing – that is part of the publishing process. 

The cost for Book Development is billed hourly, so only the time we work on your project is billed for. These fees can be discussed during the Meet & Greet and are market rate for this type of work.