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Some of the Authors We’ve Served

Being a first-time author is challenging from the start. Stacey Crew was like a trusted friend on this journey, guiding me with strategic advice about my writing and identifying areas that needed improvement. She also walked me through the entire publishing process, including marketing strategy, and final distribution. The distribution piece was pivotal for the successful planning of my book launch. I was extremely fortunate to work with Stacey. She is an outstanding expert. Her knowledge, empathy, and communication skills were exactly what I needed. Thank you, Stacey.

Juana-Catalina Rodriguez author of Unsettled Disruption

    Stacey Crew has supported me through two book projects, including book development, marketing strategy, and advisement through the publishing process. Stacey has the understanding & knowledge of the publishing process to get your books to the public from writing development to final distribution. She is outstanding!

    Dr. Troy Hall author of Cohesion Culture

      Stacey Crew shepherded the book through the final stages of actually getting it published. She was invaluable in understanding and overseeing everything that needed to be done to have a product that could come to market. She coordinated the social media team, with the publisher, and made sure every detail that had to be done got done correctly and on time.

      Philip Russotti author of The Essential Rules of Love

        What You’ll Find Here?


        We’ll work with you in a collaborative manner to create a plan and put you on the best path for publishing your book, while focusing on the overall goals and opportunities that will come from being a published author.


        We will support you from start to finish in the publishing of your work. We create a solid strategy & plan, educate you on the publishing options, and promote your book in a way that meets your ultimate goals.


        We’ve created a community of thought leaders who are improving the lives of so many in the areas of leadership, culture change, and health & wellness through the support of one another as these authors spread their messages.