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The Clear Vision Publishing Model

Publishing is a very personal process and requires a level of confidence and trust in your partners along the journey. We believe that in order to be considered a trusted partner, being of service to our authors is where it begins – Advocacy.

We also know that there’s a big difference between publishing a book AND getting it into the hands of readers. We help you do both by creating ease and clarity around this process.

We are a proven partner who will advocate for you, hold you accountable on timelines, and advise and implement a simple book marketing strategy that works to launch your precious project into the world!

Clear Vision Publishing combines the quality & support of traditional publishing while providing promotional strategy and support to its authors.

Our team of seasoned professionals shortens timelines. Whereas a traditional publishing arrangement could take up to two years to publish your book, our model gets your book to market in 6-9 months while maintaining the highest quality and support.

We see the big picture of your book project and are committed to strategizing on how you can create revenue opportunities from being a published author.

When it comes to marketing, Clear Vision Publishing provides promotional strategy and support in the way of identifying the opportunities to sell bookBook Covers, roll over with author photos in your circles of influence through strategic partnerships and engagement with like-minded authors.

When you publish with Clear Vision Publishing, you’re automatically included in the unique Authors’ Roundtable, which offers connection and opportunities with other Clear Vision Press authors.

Clear Vision Publishing is an independent publishing press that leads with advocacy. 

We work exclusively with authors who are on a mission to bring their vision to life in the form of a book that will support them in their efforts to elevate their message and expand the ways in which spread their message. 

We don’t just publish your book, we work with you to identify the opportunities that will come from publishing your work, that are based around your personal & professional goals.

You deserve a publisher that listens, hears you, and one who advocates for you to determine the best publishing path for you, your goals and your book.

Thought leaders and visionaries in the leadership and health & wellness spaces.

Our authors have a mission and a message to share with the world.

  • Where to Begin: Book Development
  • Guidance to finish your book
  • Education 
  • Putting the pieces together to save you time & money
  • What not to do
  • Where to get your biggest bang for your buck
  • Marketing – Proven strategies 
  • Distribution – Reaching Your Market

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