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Being a first-time author is challenging from the start. Stacey Crew was like a trusted friend on this journey, guiding me with strategic advice about my writing and identifying areas that needed improvement. She also walked me through the entire publishing process, including marketing strategy, and final distribution. The distribution piece was pivotal for the successful planning of my book launch. I was extremely fortunate to work with Stacey. She is an outstanding expert. Her knowledge, empathy, and communication skills were exactly what I needed. Thank you, Stacey.

Juana-Catalina Rodriguez author of Unsettled Disruption

Stacey Crew has supported me through two book projects, including book development, marketing strategy, and advisement through the publishing process. Stacey has the understanding & knowledge of the publishing process to get your books to the public from writing development to final distribution. She is outstanding!

Dr. Troy Hall author of Cohesion Culture

Stacey Crew shepherded the book through the final stages of actually getting it published. She was invaluable in understanding and overseeing everything that needed to be done to have a product that could come to market. She coordinated the social media team, with the publisher, and made sure every detail that had to be done got done correctly and on time.

Philip Russotti author of The Essential Rules of Love


The Organized Mom: Simplify Life For You & Baby One Step at a Time by Stacey Crew (published by Simon & Schuster October 2009 – self-help, organization, new moms)  Amazon Bestseller

Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle by Stacey Crew (available December 1, 2021 – self-help, organization, health & wellness) 

Widowhood, Firehouses, and Organic Vegetables: 7 Steps to Finding Meaning & Humor After Loss  by Marie Scott (available December 1, 2021) – self-help, grief, wellness

The Essential Rules of Love: A Practical Guide to Creating a Harmonious, Happy & Healthy Relationship by Phil Russotti (available February 14, 2022 – self-help, relationships) 


Walking in the Light by Theodore Pitsios (available August 10, 2021 – fiction) 

Dragonfly Dreams by Dr. Eleanor McCallie Cooper (available August 30, 2021 – historical fiction, young adult) 

The Other Forest, by Danielle Koehler (available September 10, 2021 – fantasy fiction, middle-grade readers, environmental) #1 New Release on Amazon

 Hold the Line by Robert Lofthouse (available October 5, 2021 – military biography)  



Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent  by Dr. Troy Hall (published May 2019 – business, leadership)  Amazon Bestseller

Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old  by Dr. Troy Hall (published May 12, 2021 – business, humor)  

Unsettled Disruption: The Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Innovation by Juana-Catalina Rodriguez (available September 5, 2021 – business, leadership) 

Make Someone’s Day: What It Can Do For You & Your Company by Howard Prager (available September 21, 2021 – business, leadership, customer service) 

You Can’t Make This Ship Up: Business Strategies & True Stories From 40 Years at Sea by Paul Rutter (available October 31, 2021 – business, customer service, humor) 

Dare Disturb the Universe: A Memoir of Venture Capital by Charles W. Newhall, III (available May 1, 2022- business, financial, memoir) 

Business Development Begins Here: Your Guide to Achieving Systematic Sales Success by Tom Watkin (available September 2022 – business development, leadership) 

Leading Diversity: The Twelve Competencies of Gifted Strategic Leaders by Peter Linkow (available November 8, 2022 – leadership)  


Stella and Her Magic Wand, by Grandpa Phil and Stella Russotti (available December 15, 2021) – children’s adventure, Covid 

The Chronicles of Stanley the Pug, by Charles W. Newhall, III (available December 15, 2021) – children’s book, Pug history 

Stacey Crew is a gift. As a first-time author, I didn’t have the knowledge of what was needed to successfully publish and launch my book. From the start, Stacey worked with me to establish a solid foundation, including my media kit and website. I wasn’t as concerned or knowledgeable about that part of publishing, but Stacey knew that those are critical pieces that make a difference in the promotion. She helped me successfully navigate every step of the way towards publishing. I could not have had a better guide.

Howard Prager Author Make Someone's Day

Stacey Crew prepared me for a successful book launch with her insightful professional and personal support in my new endeavor as an author. She was the perfect person to support me as I faced the daunting task of entering the publishing world and launching a new book. Stacey coached me through the publishing process, and provided proven strategies for gathering endorsements and building an author-focused social media platform. Stacey’s prep, publish and promote process provided a balanced and strategic way for me to maintain focus on the priorities, beginning with goals and timelines.

Dr. Eleanor McCallie Cooper Author Dragonfly Dreams

Stacey Crew is a fabulous author innovator and publishing professional. We have had the pleasure of working with her on many projects. She excels not only with the technical, creative and production aspects of publishing, but also at caring for authors, who need extra love to move their way towards publication. You will be in good hands with our colleague Stacey.

John Koehler Publisher & Author of 11 books

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