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If you’re here and aren’t certain what you need, here’s some guidance on the two options that are likely best for you: 

  • If you’re a first-time author and you haven’t chosen a publishing model or updated your website (or maybe you don’t even have one yet), then you want the All-Access Course.
  • If you already have a publisher and haven’t updated your website to author status, then choose the Branding and Promote courses.


This course is for you if you’re a first-time author who hasn’t begun the process of seeking a publisher or publishing model and haven’t even thought about marketing.

The All-Access Course includes all of the courses listed here on this page: Author Branding, Prep, Publish and Promote. 

You be will be guided through the entire process of establishing your brand, preparing for the project by determining your goals & budget, choosing a publishing model that fits your goals, and how you will get your books into the hands of readers. 

Author Branding: The Foundation to Promoting Your Book

You only have one chance to make that first impression!

How you show up online as an author is important because your branding is how people will recognize you across all platforms. And if you think this isn’t important, think again! Branding is the foundation of all of your marketing and promotion, which begins the moment you complete your manuscript – even before you choose a publishing model. 

This course gives you the step-by-step on creating an author brand and the step-by-step on updating your website to author status. 

Create a brand you’re proud of with this simple step-by-step course.


You’re embarking on a very personal journey with a lot of unknowns. Publishing a book is a long-game that you want to be prepared for. Intentional and strategic decisions are required. 

This course helps you take on your new role of authorpreneur with ease, practice self-care throughout, establish your budget & goals, get yourself organized (because there’s A LOT to manage), and easily establish your support team. 


You are one of the few who set their mind to write a book and take steps to publish it. Congrats! 

But how do you choose the right publisher or create a book proposal that sells? And what about the title of your book – are you sure it’s a winner? Why are endorsements important and a key in selling your book – how do you get them? This course addresses all of that and more. 


It’s one thing to publish a book and it’s another thing to get it into the hands of readers. That’s where this course is your best buddy when it comes to marketing. 

You’ll learn the how and why Social Media & Email Marketing Strategies can be easily implemented, how to use your book cover to generate engagement and sell the book, a proven book launch strategy, and a Social Media Strategy that will increase your following.

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