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What is Easy Pub Tools?

Easy Pub Tools is a self-paced step-by-step digital program that guides you through the critical how-tos of becoming a successfully published author with its simplified and straightforward approach to publishing & promotion.

Whether or not you have previous publishing or marketing experience doesn’t matter! This carefully curated program takes you step-by-step through a smooth & seamless experience that gets your book published and into the hands of readers. 

Easy Pub Tools is for non-fiction and fiction authors. So if you’ve written a business book, self-help guide, memoir, historical fiction, romance novel, or something else—you’re in the right place! 

How it works

Easy Pub Tools is a three-module program: Prep, Publish & Promote takes you through a very carefully thought out process. The timeline shows you how long it will take (for optimum results) and the order in which to particular tasks. Here you have an opportunity to create a solid foundation for this long-term project right from the start!  

This self-paced program allows you to go at your own speed and once you register, you will have lifetime access – that way, you can return to lessons as needed OR when you write another book! 

This program is designed for those who have big dreams and a budget that will require clear decisions on how one’s time & money is spent.  

The Project Timeline keeps you on track every step of the way. This timeline example can be adjusted to meet your timeline! This is just one of the more than 25 Done-for-you tools included in the program. 

Is this program right for you?

Easy Pub Tools is for you if you…
  • Are ready to publish but have no idea where to begin and not sure which publishing model to choose. 
  • Have questions you’re not getting answered by Googling or reaching out to a publisher. 
  • Didn’t realize that publishing is just the first step in getting your book into the hands of readers. 
  • Don’t have book marketing experience and haven’t considered how to get your book into the hands of readers.  
  • Need a proven framework to navigate publishing and promoting your book. 

Trainings are released in three separate Modules inside the private member-only course. Here's what you'll get...

Learn more by scheduling a 1:1 Program Tour. 


Author Branding: The Foundation to Your Success

Your online presence is critical, especially when you're launching a book. Not just any website will do! You'll learn why branding is important and how to up level your website and social media to author status using a step-by-step Branding Assessment Checklist. You'll also know exactly what's necessary to implement the right website components that will engage your visitors.

Also included is the Done-for-you  social media planning & implementation tool that will get you maximum exposure online. 

What you'll learn that you didn't even know was possible or necessary.

In Module #1: Prep

I bet you didn’t realize you’d be stepping into an entrepreneurial role when you decided to write & publish a book. Yup! We’ll fill you in on how to embrace and navigate this role.

The publishing game is a long one and you want to be energized when your book launches. Incorporating simple self-care practices will help you avoid burnout and be ready to rock-n-roll on book launch day! 

You will wind up with hundreds if not thousands of electronic files during this process. As A.A. Milne says, “Organization is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.” Like Winnie the Pooh said, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Be brave and establish a solid foundation by getting organized. 

Have you ever gone on a roadtrip without a destination in mind? It can work, but if you start this publishing venture without some clear goals and a budget, you could wind up spending a lot more than you planned and the project could go on for longer than you had originally anticipated. We want to make sure you know where you’re going, how much you’ll spend, and how long it will take you to get there! 

Publishing a book takes support. We want to make sure that you have the tools to delegate what someone else could do while you focus on the bigger picture plans for the book. This doesn’t mean employees – it means hiring a virtual assistant (VA). We’ll pilot you through each step of the way to find the right VA and show you why you don’t want to hire a friend’s kid to help! 

In Module #2: Publish

Once you’ve determined your goals, budget & timeline in the Prep module, choosing your publishing model will be a breeze! This lesson walks you through the options, pros & cons. 

If you choose a hybrid or traditional publishing model, you’ll need to have a book proposal. Stacey shares the winning book proposal that landed her a publishing deal with one of the Top 5 publishers. 

Your book title is one you’ll have to live with forever, so you want to choose it carefully because it’s how your work will be known. Therefore, avoid the pitfalls of choosing a title that falls flat. You’ll learn the Top 5 ways to create a memorable title. 

Obtaining endorsements from your trusted colleagues & associates is a great way to lend credibility for your work. In this lesson, you’ll learn the ABCs of gaining endorsements. We also provide the Done-for-you outreach templates. 

Book Forewords are a personal & professional endorsement of your work. Elevate your non-fiction book by asking someone to write the Foreword. We give you the process that will result in a “Yes.”  

In Module #3: Promote

We’ll show you how to optimize your contact list and use social media & email marketing strategy templates to promote your book and sell more! 

Using our step-by-step guidance, you can easily use your book cover to generate buzz around the upcoming release of your book, as well as engage  your followers support. 

A book launch team will help you spread the word beyond your contact list. We’ll walk you through the how-tos of establishing a stellar book launch team, as well as a Done-for-you strategies for both social media and email marketing. 

Engaging your followers on social media is a surefire way to get your book into the hands of readers. We provide you with a comprehensive social media strategy specifically for authors. 

This easy to implement blog strategy requires NO more writing than you’ve already done! We’ll show you simple way to easily set up a blog without having to do any additional writing. 

Everything you need to publish & promote your book…and much more! 

Ready to publish & promote your book with ease?


Author | Advocate | Your Guide
Easy Pub Tools Program

Your guide...

STACEY CREW has taken her years of publishing and marketing experience to guide you through Publishing & Promoting your book with ease and clarity. 

Since 2004, Stacey has self-published twice and traditionally published twice. Her traditional publishing deals included The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby One Step at a Time (2009, Simon & Schuster) and Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle (2021, Koehler Books).

Stacey’s 20-year journey of publishing her own works, combined with her almost 30 years of working with authors, has led her to create a system that combines every piece of the publishing & promotion journey into carefully planned lessons that result in a high-quality experience for the author whose goal it is to sell books. 


Still not sure? Have questions? Schedule a private Easy Pub Tools TOUR with Stacey Crew. She'd love to answer your questions.

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