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What is Easy Pub Tools?

Easy Pub Tools is a self-paced step-by-step online training that guides you through the process of Publishing and Promotion of your manuscript. This program also prepares you for your new role:  Authorpreneur

Publish with Clear Vision Press or another publisher. We want you to choose the best publishing option for you! What we provide is the guidance so YOU can determine which publishing model and which publisher works best for you!  

Whether you have publishing or marketing experience or not, this course takes you step-by-step to have a publishing experience that is smooth, seamless and gets you to book launch day feeling energized and ready to promote your book!  

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How it works

This self-paced course allows you to go at your own pace while learning how to embrace your new role as an authorpreneur. You’ll also learn how to choose the right publishing model based on your budget, goals and timeline, while establishing your book launch to spread the word and get your book into the hands of readers.
This program is designed for those who have big dreams for their book and a limited budget. 

Is this program right for you?

The course is for you if you…
  • Are unsure where to begin when it comes to publishing and promoting your book. 
  • Have questions you’re not getting answered by Googling or reaching out to a publisher. 
  • Not sure which publishing model to choose. 
  • Didn’t realize that publishing is just the first step in getting your book into the hands of readers. 
  • Don’t have book marketing experience and haven’t considered how to get your book into the hands of readers.  
  • Need a proven framework to navigate the publishing and promotion process. 

Who's your guide?

STACEY CREW guides you through the Prep, Publish & Promote process. With more than 25 years of publishing and marketing experience, she has created a system that combines every piece of the publishing & promotion process into three carefully planned courses so you have a high-quality experience and a high-quality book! 

 you systems (acronym for Save You Time, Energy & Money) as well as processes for how & who to approach to write your book Foreword, how to get  endorsements, establishing your book launch team, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Stacey has more than 25 years of publishing and marketing experience and has helped hundreds of authors navigate the publishing and promotion process. We’d love to help you too! 

Ready to publish & promote your book with ease?

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