Publish your book with ease & clarity

What is Easy Pub Tools?

The Easy Pub Tools digital course walks you through every step of publishing and promoting your book. You’ll learn:

  1. How to create a solid foundation for your project

  2. How to choose the publishing model that suits your goals & budget

  3. Proven strategies to promote your book, including how to create a successful book launch

Every module contains Done for You Downloads that makes each step of the way like having a trusted partner by your side. The course includes live group sessions with Stacey Crew where you get the As to your specific Qs. No author’s journey is exactly the same so these Q&A sessions are invaluable.

According to James Clear, NY Times #1 Bestselling Author of Atomic Habits,

  “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

Easy Pub Tools has the SYSTEMS you need that literally translate into Saving You Serious Time, Energy & Money while navigating the publishing process & promoting your book to get it into the hands of readers. 

Who is this program for?

  • You don’t know where to begin when it comes to publishing and promoting your book. 
  • You’re looking for a proven framework to navigate the publishing and promotion process. 
  • You didn’t realize that publishing is just the first step in getting your book into the hands of readers. 
  • You’re not sure which publishing model to choose. 
  • Book marketing is a new concept to you. 

How it works

This self-paced course allows you to take the Prep, Publish & Promote at your own pace beginning with embracing your new role as an author to choosing the right publishing model for your book to creating a launch team to spread the word and get your book into the hands of readers. This program is designed for those who have big dreams for the books but not the big budget. 

Here’s what’s included in each module: 

Course Curriculum

Module #1 PREP

  • Embrace your author role
    • New role, a new set of skills needed. 
    • Identify your strengths & weaknesses to decide what tasks & projects get outsourced.
    • Learn strategies for pacing yourself throughout the project to avoid burnout. 
  • Set up systems for success
    • Grow your support team efficiently and effectively.
    • Strategically choose partners that will make this growth easy, enjoyable, and possible.   
    • Valuable automated systems to grow your business. 
  • Know your numbers and forecast a winning strategy
    • Develop a bulletproof strategy to actually make money on your book project.
    • Estimate a budget & formulate goals right from the start to know what you’re working toward. 
    • Calculate the potential Return On Investment and realistically forecast how and where you will generate income.
  • Elevate your platform to author status
    • Self-guided website audit to make simple yet important tweaks to elevate your website and social media to reflect your new author role.
    • Create consistency across all social platforms that clearly communicates who you are, what the book represents, and how people can work with you.
    • Done for You Media Kit and Speaker Kit to easily work with the press to promote your book. 


Module #1 results – you’ll have a solid foundation to move into the Publish and Promote parts of your project. Shortcuts & timesavers are the name of the game! 

Module #2 PUBLISH

  • Choose the right publishing model
    • Learn the three major publishing options
    • Understand timelines, compromises, royalties, and creative control
    • Determine which publishing model is best for you & your book
  • Choose a book title that sells
    • What titles work & what to avoid
    • How to choose a sub-title that supports the title & captures the essence of the book
  • What to include in a Book Proposal
    • Proven book proposal template that landed Stacey a traditional deal with Simon & Schuster.
  • The ABCs of Endorsements
    • Understand the power of endorsements and how to make an ask that gets you a “yes”
  • Book Foreword 
    • Why you want a Foreword for your book
    • Who to approach to write the Foreword
    • How to get an easy “yes”
  • Book Dedication & Acknowledgements
    • Tips for creating a memorable Dedication
    • The who & the how of Acknowledgements
  • What to expect from a publisher 
    • What questions to ask before signing a contract
    • How to hold your publisher accountable for timelines
    • Why a book launch date needs to be determined upon contract signing





Module #2 results – you’ll finish this module feeling confident in your publishing choice and the process that’s ahead. 

Module #3 PROMOTE

  • Promote your book with ease & clarity
    • Learn ways to effectively promote your book by simply using channels and connections you already have available to you. 
  • Become an Amazon #1 Bestseller
    • A proven strategy for driving your book to a #1 Amazon Bestseller.
    • Step-by-Step on setting up your Amazon Author Profile. 
    • Email templates to reach out to your contacts to support your promotion efforts. 
  • Easy steps to create a book launch team
    • Social Media & Email Marketing Strategies – optimizing your contact lists.
    • Detailed book launch & promotional strategies, including social posts for one month leading up to book release day. 
  • Use your book cover to engage potential buyers
    • Done for You engagement strategy utilizing your book cover design.
  • Generate press opportunities through events & book signings
    • The Dos and Don’ts of promoting your book through the media. 
    • Easy marketing practices to create collaborative arrangements to promote your book.
  • Best Practices for getting your books into bookstores
    • independent and corporate-owned
  • How awards can elevate the status of your book
    • When and what to apply for
    • How to use the awards in social media and on your website to gain awareness for your book 

Module #3 results – you’ll complete this module feeling confident in promoting your book to get it into the hands of readers. 

Each module contains: 

  • More than 15 Done-for-You Tools, including Budget & Goals Spreadsheets, Timeline for Easy Project Management, and so much more.  
  •  Over 14 Worksheets to guide you through Your New Role, Branding Assessment, and Website & Social Media Assessments, 
  • Category of Resources, including tools for elevating your website to author status, growing your team, copywriting and more. 
  • Health & Wellness Tips throughout so you stay on track with self-care and overall wellness throughout your project.