Then the Agent Search DIY Program is for you!

The next logical question is, “How do I accomplish this feat?”

Well, traditional publishers require an author to have an Agent to pitch to them to medium and large publishers to effectively navigate that process. So the main focus then becomes securing an Agent. 

So how do you do that? 

And that question alone is what stops authors in their tracks and starts the deep dive into the rabbit hole of finding out how to go about this process, which can be incredibly overwhelming and stop the process of moving forward very quickly.  

We can help! 

The Agent Search DIY Program gives you the tools and guidance to navigate this process and move quickly and efficiently. The program includes: 

  • Step-by-Step Guidance – how to and when to take action.  
  • Agent Query Letter Template – There are specific components of an agent query letter that are needed to get the attention of the right Agent. The DIY program gives you a template to be sure everything you need to include is considered.   
  • Book Proposal Template – Writing a book proposal can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. This template will give you the format, along with an example template of a book proposal that caught the attention of Simon & Schuster and resulted in a book deal. 
  • Curated Agent List – Imagine reaching out to an agent and knowing exactly what you need to provide to get their attention. Submission requirements are different depending upon the agent and you want to be precise otherwise they may not even read your email. Clear Vision will provide a curated list based on the genre of your book and your goals for the project.  

DIY Program

There is another option. The Done for You Agent Search option includes a written Agent Query letter, Book Proposal drafted, and a curated agent list. There are two revisions on each component, along with two 30-minute consulting calls. 

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